Volunteer Manager.

Connecting volunteers to those in need.

A free to use tool for connecting teams of volunteers with those in need of shopping, care or any other assistance. FREE to use for all non-profit organisations with a small monthly fee for commercial use.

Cloud based

The App

The management tool works from the cloud. It requires no special software and works in all web browsers, including on tablets and mobile phones. The system is highly secure, the data sits on the most secure hardware infrastructure available.

The system is very easy to use, those managing volunteer teams can start using it quickly.

1. - Create a list of volunteers and 'clients'.

2. - Create a task against a 'client' and assign them a volunteer(s) to complete the task.

3. - Notifiy the volunteer via SMS or Email that a new task is waiting for them.

4. - The volunteer notifies the manager that the task is completed and it is archived.

Awesome Features

Email \ SMS volunteers

Once a task has been assigned to a volunteer they are notified by SMS and/or Email.

Clear list of active tasks

The app homepage lists clearly the outstanding tasks, which can be archived quickly once completed.

Categorised tasks

Tasks are clearly categorised by type, such as shopping, medical etc

Print ready

Print off all the tasks for the day or forthcoming days for allocation to teams.

Two step tasks

Assign more than one volunteer to a task, such as a shopper and driver for home delivery.

Customer centric

Tasks can be reused for repeated help, such as a delivery of a daily paper etc


Free /mo


  • 1 admin user
  • 10 GB storage
  • Email support
  • Lifetime updates

Please get in touch if you wish to use the system for commercial use.

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